Leslie Goldgehn Ph.D.

Leslie created CollegeMatters because she is passionate about helping students reach their personal potential through thoughtful college choices.

As a parent herself, she  bridges the gap between the students and their parents in order to relieve stress and encourage the student to take ownership of the process.

Leslie regularly visits college campuses, attends professional conferences, publishes articles about colleges and universities, and stays up to date on developments in financial aid, curriculum and majors at colleges and universities in the US and abroad.

She has helped students apply to, and be accepted at, a wide range of colleges from the Ivy Leagues to state schools (inside and outside of California) to small private schools throughout the country and abroad.

CollegeMatters students have been accepted at the following colleges:

  1. University of California 

  2. Berkeley

  3. Los Angeles

  4. Davis

  5. San Diego

  6. Santa Cruz

  7. Santa Barbara

  8. Irvine

In addition to these schools, CollegeMatters students have been accepted to a variety of Medical, Veterinary, Law, and Graduate programs.

Leslie Goldgehn Ph.D.

  1. Ph.D. in Higher Education and Marketing from

Northwestern University.

  1. Tenured full-time Professor at the University of San Francisco

  1. “Stop the Madness: A Sane Approach to College Admissions”.

Book in progress.

Academic Background

“I take a holistic, compassionate and individualized approach with students. We work hard, meet deadlines, and have a number of laughs along the way.”

About Leslie
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  1. Stanford

  2. Pomona

  3. Oberlin

  4. University of San Diego

  5. University of Southern California

  6. Vassar College

  7. Babson College

  8. Yale