Personalized College and Educational Counseling

Leslie Goldgehn Ph.D.

“I help students and families find the right college FIT with a sane and organized approach.  I take the stress out of the process and let students achieve their potential.”


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For 15 years, over 300 students and their parents in the San Francisco Bay Area, and around the world, have counted on Leslie Goldgehn.

Leslie Goldgehn Ph.D. founder of CollegeMatters, counsels students to evaluate which colleges fit their academic qualifications, meet their educational goals, and satisfy their social needs.

Leslie works diligently with students and their families to determine the strengths, aptitudes, and personal working style of the student in order to determine “Reach, Match, and Safety” colleges that are the right FIT for the student.

She guides students in taking ownership of the college process and keeps the communication channels open with the parents.  Leslie takes the stress out of the college application process and helps the student and the parents enjoy the transition to college together.