Can I use CollegeMatters if I live outside of the Bay Area?

Leslie works with students from around the US and the world.  With conference calls, cell phone roaming, Skype, the Internet, iChat, and email, it is possible to conduct meetings, edit essays, develop relationships, and complete all work necessary for the college counseling, selection, and application processes.

How much will it cost to work with CollegeMatters?

Unlike many other counselors, Leslie charges by the hour as opposed to a flat fee.  The number of hours depends on the number and types of schools the student is applying to, the student’s ability to complete assignments in between sessions, the student’s writing ability, the student’s motivation, and whether the student has any learning disabilities. 

Contact Leslie for specifics about CollegeMatters fees.

What is the Collegematters success rate?

Every student that Leslie has worked with has been accepted to a number of schools.  Most of the students get into one of their top choice schools.  Many of them are offered some type of financial aid.

Does CollegeMatters work with transfers and graduate students?

Absolutely.  Leslie has worked with former and new clients on their law, medical, veterinary, and graduate school applications.  She also has helped individuals who, for a variety of reasons, decided to transfer to a different university.  Fortunately, none of the students with whom I have worked originally have decided to transfer institutions!

If I work with CollegeMatters, will I risk having my application and essays look “too professional?”

Absolutely not.  I do not fill out the applications or write the essays.  She works very hard to help the students find and perfect their own voices and put their best foot forward in every college application.  Even the best writers end up better writers after working with Leslie.

How much will a four-year degree cost including room and board?

Four years at an in-state university costs between $20,000 and $80,000.  Four years at a private university can top $225,000.  You can save a significant amount by living at home and attending a community college for the first two years.  Leslie can help you scout out financial aid to defray the costs.

How does the CollegeMatters process work?

After the initial family meeting, Leslie works individually with the student to research and discuss the schools that are the best FIT for the student.  It is through this process that students become clear about what it is they are looking for and where they will be the most successful.

Leslie helps the students and respective families plan college visits and prepare a list of questions and concerns.  Leslie often sets up interviews with faculty and deans. 

During the application process, Leslie works tirelessly to be sure that all aspects of the application support the students’ strengths and tell their stories.  I then supply critical editorial help on the students’ essays.  Throughout the college process, Leslie keeps the student on a timeline and abreast of any deadlines.

When should a student start working with CollegeMatters?

Leslie prefers to start working with high school students at the end of their sophomore year or the beginning of their junior year.  In the first meeting, with the parents and the student, I assess the student’s academic record, overall strengths and weaknesses, extracurricular activities, test scores, and work experience.  I ask questions that help me put together a starter list of schools for the student and family to consider.  I then lay out the game plan for how to proceed.

Does CollegeMatters have strategies for scholarships and financial aid?

Leslie can assist you in filling out the FAFSA form and can direct the families to websites and additional financial resources.  She also remains up to date about the colleges and universities most likely to award financial support.  Leslie can suggest numerous approaches to securing financial aid.

CollegeMatters seems to stress finding the college that is the right “FIT.”  Do you believe there is just one right school for a student?

There are countless schools that could be the right FIT for a student.  The process is about discovering just what constitutes the right FIT for a particular student and then lining up reach, match, and safety schools that fit the students’ criteria.

How involved should I, the parent, be in the CollegeMatters process?

Leslie realizes that this is indeed a challenging time for parents and their students.  It is best for the parent to begin to “let go” and allow the student to take control and responsibility for making decisions and meeting deadlines.  The parents will have Leslie as the safety net and go between, if necessary, to be sure that everything is considered and all the work is completed ahead of schedule.

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