Leslie offers customized guidance, direction, and coaching during the college selection and admissions process.

Leslie provides counseling in a confidential and supportive environment so that students and parents can express their ideas and opinions about educational and personal goals.

Leslie mentors, nurtures, and guides students through the college preparation, research, evaluation, and decision-making

process.  She provides in depth evaluation and comprehensive planning.  Students are able to make the most appropriate and educated choices that suit their academic and social needs.

“Leslie gave me the tools I needed to make it through this process and come out of it fulfilled and successful.  I am now going to the college that I not only love, but is also right for me.”

        --Nathan, Vassar College

Individual Attention from a Professional

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Specific CollegeMatters Services Include:

  1. Managing deadlines

  2. Planning high school courses and course-load

  3. Advising on the types and numbers of AP Classes

  4. Suggesting community service and job opportunities

  5. Assessing students, grades, scores, activities, and goals

  6. Developing a list of colleges to consider and visit

  7. Planning college visits for optimal results

  8. Narrowing down “Reach, Match, and Safety” schools

  9. Recommending providers and timing of standardized tests

  10. Helping students craft their essays

  11. Planing and Positioning for Financial Aid