Leslie designed a personalized strategy that helped me stay organized, facilitated my decision-making, and kept my parents informed.

                      -Daniel, Student

Not only have your portfolios and college funds taken a huge hit so have the endowments of the colleges and universities.  In addition, college scholarship funds at the federal and state level have decreased significantly in availability. This is making financial aid harder-than-ever to secure.

Leslie can help you identify schools where the student has a better chance of receiving financial aid.  She keeps up to date on the financial aid world and can help you find the most funds possible.

Parents find that working with Leslie is a worthwhile and long- term investment in their student’s college education.

Applying to college requires a great deal of time, effort and organization.  It often becomes a source of stress and friction between students and their parents.

Leslie is able to lessen any sources of tension by being an objective consultant who supports both the students and their parents.  She helps students put together a spreadsheet with tasks, deadlines, and due dates so that everyone remains focused, up to date, and on task.  Leslie is always a phone call or email away.

The “iPod generation” is graduating from high schools in the largest population boom since the baby boomers, and they are applying in record numbers to colleges and universities.

Leslie understands this competitive environment and can help students present their accomplishments and record in the most professional and positive manner.  She helps build the students’ skills and confidence throughout the admissions process.

CollegeMatters helps you understand the requirements and availability of Financial Aid

CollegeMatters supports the Parent/Child Relationship and Communication

CollegeMatters helps the Student present their College Qualifications in the most comprehensive and positive way

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